This historic tobacco farm in Southern Maryland dates back to the mid 1800s and contributed to the development of the agriculture based economy of Southern Maryland due in part to the hard work of many local prominent family‘s that resided at Friendly Hall. A list of the family’s prior to the Lyon family are; Alvey, Mattingly, Morgan, Johnson, and Fenwick. The road that fronts Friendly Hall is named after one such family, Dr. Johnson.

Prior to the Lyon family purchase of Friendly Hall in 1983, the farm had deteriorated from the well oiled machine of the 1960s to falling in disrepair to a virtual storage unit. After the Lyon family purchase, they began an intensive renovation to restore the home to glamorous status that it previously held. In 1994, the farm was publicly recognized for historic preservation and documented in St. Mary’s County Historic Sites. With the completion of the renovations in 1997, the home became the jewel that it once was and has been rumored have ghostly activity from some of the previous occupants from years gone by.