The Lyon Family


The Lyon family has been running Friendly Hall Farm, LLC. since 1983 when they took on the monumental task of restoring friendly hall and making it a success again. This task is truly being accomplished by a family working hard together. The Patriarch and Matriarch of this generation of Lyon family have been farming together in St. Mary's County for over four decades.

The patriarch, Mr. William Lyon (Billy) comes from a long line of hardworking farmers--now five generations worth. Mr. Lyon's father Louis Lyon specialized in hogs, cattle, and tobacco.

The matriarch, Mrs. Rose Lyon comes from an equally hard working line of Chesapeake Bay fisherman. Rose performs many of the administrative functions related to operating the farm as well as managing the Farm’s produce stand.

The daughter, Katherine Cropper (Kathy), also works full time on the farm. Besides the typical farm chores and assisting in administrative duties, Kathy maintains the Friendly Hall Farm presence in the community by providing locally grown produce to local restaurants and area Farmers Markets.

Mr. William Lyon, Jr. (BJ) has been farming with his family his entire life and for over ten years now has been a partner with his parents in working and managing the farm.